Ten Temples Tour December 2020

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The Christmas Island Ten Temples Tour - 8th - 15th December 2020

See Christmas Island in a way it's never been seen before. A once in a lifetime opportunity to explore Christmas Island on one of our brand new Norco eBikes knowing you'll always be safe and in control. Come join us for a 7 day tropical adventure, taking in the phenomenal beauty and wildlife that makes this Island so special. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive tour guides will take you to places that cars just can't and introduce you to a cultural experience that will be with you for a lifetime.

Here's your Itinerary

Fly from Perth on Tuesday December the 8th on flight VA1909 arriving on Christmas Island at 3:20pm to be greeted by our friendly crew.

Private Shuttle to your Hotel to unpack and soak in the perfect climate.

Meet at our favourite watering hole for a beverage and a introduction to what the week has in store for you. Hear about the amazing sites and meet your fellow adventurers. Check out your Norco eBike and make sure your gear is all ready for the adventure. If you don't have any bike gear, let us know and we will get you kitted out.

Find out about safety requirements, trail conditions and the week schedule.

18.30 – Join us for a Welcome to the Island Beach BBQ at Flying Fish Cove and enjoy the sunset.

7.30am – Continental Breakfast at Hotel
9.00am – Christmas Island Orientation Tour – including history, culture and photographic opportunities. Guide: Lisa
12:00 – Lunch – own arrangements
13:00 – Transfer to Lizard Lodge – endemic reptile conservation program
15:00 – Orphaned Bird Feeding
18.00 – Dinner – local restaurant

7.00am – Continental breakfast at Hotel 
8.00am – Head out for Trail A Head - a 3 hour meandering course through the Christmas Island forest.
12.00 – Picnic Lunch
13:00 – Return to Hotel for relaxation
14:20 – Transfer to jetty for snorkelling boat trip
16:30 – Transfer back to hotel for relaxation – or snorkel at Flying Fish Cove
18.00 – Dinner – local restaurant 

7.00am – Cooked breakfast at hotel
8.00am – Head out to Trail B Head – a 2 hour rough & ready bike ride.
12:00 – Lunch at Martin Point. Picnic items with juice etc.
13.00pm – Head to The Dales – experience our refreshing waterfall amongst our myriad of land crabs.
15:00 – Return to hotel for relaxation – or snorkel at Flying Fish Cove
18.00 – Dinner – local restaurant.

7.00am – Continental breakfast at hotel
8.00am – Head out to Trail C Head – a 4 hour bike ride through the plateaus filled with tropical jungle.
13.00 – Picnic Lunch
14.00 – Return to hotel for relaxation.
18.00 – Dinner – Lucky Ho’s Chinese Restaurant – set menu

19.30 – Outdoor Cinema - $5 donation entry fee. Transport included.

7.30am –Cooked breakfast at Hotel
9.00am – Head out to Trail D Head – a light ride through an old service track.
12.30 – Lunch at South Point Temple
13.30 – Tai Jin House – historical exhibition. Free Entry
14:30 – Return to hotel for relaxation
18.00 – Dinner at local restaurant

7.30am – Continental breakfast at hotel
10.00am – TBA
12.30 – Picnic and Swim at Lily Beach gazebos
13.30 – Return to hotel for relaxation or own arrangements.
18.00 – Dinner – 3 course dinner – location TBA. Local Wahoo as main course.

Tuesday 15th December 2020
7.30am – Continental breakfast at hotel
9.00am – Relax – souvenir shopping/ packing
13.00 – Depart hotel & lunch at local cafe
14.30 – Check in for flight to Cocos Keeling Islands
16.35 – Depart Christmas Island on VA1918
17:40 – Arrive on Cocos Keeling Islands/ depart to Perth. (Jakarta, please email for alternative arrangements)